VARAPLUG is supplied as a ready to use dry powder requiring only the addition of water to produce a rapid setting and hardening mortar for plugging and stopping water leaking through the concrete.
It is a blend of special cements, hydraulic cement and modifying agents to improve the bonding and waterproofing characteristics of this water plugging mortar.
It is a product free of chlorides. It is engineered to have low exothermal characteristic than most similar competitive products available in the local market.


VARAPLUG is designed to seal very rapidly all water seepages in damaged concrete structures, building basements, tunnels, marine structures, sewage pipes and underground concrete structures.

VARAPLUG is recommended for patching and sealing honeycombed concrete and water leaking concrete cracks.


  • Rapid setting : It is an ideal ultra rapid setting mortar
  • Chloride free : No chlorides are added in the mix and hence corrosion of the reinforcement is avoided.
  • Quality : Locally manufactured product always fresh and quality controlled at the factory.
  • Easy to use : Easily applied by hand or trowel in thickness from 10 to 200mm in several applications
  • Versatility : Can be installed outdoor or indoor as well as in marine environments.
  • Adhesion : Bonds well to wet water leaking concrete.
  • Iron free : Contain no iron and hence avoids the corrosion of the steel reinforcement.


VARAPLUG is supplied in 5kg bags.
Fire resistance : VARAPLUG is not flammable.