VARABOND SBR is a highly concentrated styrene butadiene polymer emulsion modified with a blend of special auxiliary chemicals. VARABOND SBR can be used for indoor as well as outdoor applications as the system is resistant to hydrolysis.


  • It is used as an integral adhesive and admixture to produce at the job site polymer modified cementitious mixes.
  • It is used in preparing thick tile bedding mortar.
  • It is recommended for use in bonding polystyrene panels with cementitious mortars.
  • It is used for general repair of damaged and spalled concrete. It also improves the qualities of the flooring screeds and increases the waterproofing and chemical resistance of cementitious mixes used as renders.
  • It is used as primer/sealer for cementitious repair products and cementitious floorings.


  • A highly concentrated single component liquid polymer.
  • Can be used to produce waterproof thick mortar tile bedding for swimming pools.
  • As an integral admixture used with cement/sand and aggregates. It will produce a wide range of special high quality mortars or floorings.
  • Mixed with sand/cement, it will produce highly adhesive mortar for bonding extruded polystyrene or insulation panels to concrete.
  • Economical to use since it can be diluted with clean water.


VARABOND SBR is available in 5, 20 and 200 Kgs packing.