VARASET NO 1 is an ideal concrete hardening admixture in liquid form and it is used to harden and waterproof concrete, cement-sand plaster, floor topping, etc.


VARASET NO 1 is used as a rapid concrete hardener for Roads, Pavement, Industrial Floors, etc. It is also used as a quick setting agent for construction of water storage tanks, roads, floor slabs, where frame work to be removed quickly, maintenance and restorative works. VARASET NO 1 can also be used as a waterproofing agent. As a waterproofer, it is used in basements, flats, plastering walls, reservoirs, etc


  • Setting time of concrete can be reduced by increasing the dosage used.
  • It increases plasticity of fresh concrete or mortar.
  • It has no long term deleterious effect on normal concrete.
  • VARASET NO 1 makes the concrete dense and protect concrete from many forms of chemical attack .


VARAPLAST VMA is available in 20 kg and 200 kgs drums.