VARAPROOF IWP LIQUID is a chloride - free waterproofing plasticising admixture which functions by forming an internal barrier against water penetration in concrete for production of reinforced concrete for structures subjected to high stress and where waterproof concrete and mortars are required. VARAPROOF IWP LIQUID produces a cohesive and more workable concrete at constant water cement ratio or a concrete with same workability @ 5% water reduction when used at recommended dosage.


VARAPROOF IWP LIQUID is specially recommended to be used in concrete which in contact with soil, foundations, walls, floors that must be water tight and in reinforced, pre stressed concrete subjected to high stress, such as desalination plants, tunnels, culverts, sewage plants, water reservoirs, silos, pits, foundations, terraces, balconies and cellars. VARAPROOF IWP LIQUID is also recommended for use along VARAPLAST SP 10 for interlock blocks & tiles.


    During mixing and placement
  • Increased Workability: Reduces placing time.
  • Improved Strength: Less vibration required
  • Water reduction give higher strengths without cement increase or workability loss.
  • Water Proofing: Provides better dispersion of cement particles giving closer packing and reduces pore size and minimizes capillary action in concrete. Provides protection against penetration of dampness and water under pressure.
  • Breathability: The concrete retains its capacity to breathe.
  • Integral: It is not a membrane or surface film.
  • Water Absorption : Reduces water absorption
  • Easy to Use: No special skills or extra labour is required.
  • Chloride Free: Safe in reinforced concrete.
  • Compatibility With Cements : Can be used with all types of Portland cements including sulphate resisting cement


VARAPROOF IWP LIQUID is supplied in 125 ml, 1, 5, liters and 200 kg / 225 kg drums.
Cleaning: Spillage of VARAPROOF IWP LIQUID can be removed with water.
STORAGE: VARAPROOF IWP LIQUID should be protected from extremes of temperature. Should the material become frozen, it must be completely thawed and thoroughly mixed before use. VARAPROOF IWP LIQUID has a minimum shelf life of 12 months provided temperature is kept within the range of 5o C to 30o C.