VARAPLAST SP 20 is a chloride free, super plasticising admixture based on selected synthetic polymers. It is supplied as a brown solution which is instantly dispersible in water. VARAPLAST SP 20 can provide very high level of water reduction and hence major increase in strength can be obtained coupled with good retention of workability to aid placement.


  • VARAPLAST SP 20 can provide self-leveling concrete practically eliminating the need for vibration during placing.
  • VARAPLAST SP 20 provides excellent workability even at low water/cement ratio.
  • VARAPLAST SP 20 is especially recommended for use in high workability concrete and where fast shutter removal is required.


  • Increase workability : Reduces placing time, labour and equipment.
  • High Strength Concrete:Water reduction gives higher strengths without cement increase or workability loss.
  • Workability Retention : Good workability retention without set retardations loss.
  • Reduced Risk of Retardation: Normal set without retardation even if accidentally overdosed.
  • Reduced Permeability: Reduction of water reduces porosity giving improved water impermeability.
  • Surface Finish: Better dispersion of cement particles and increased cohesion minimises segregation and bleeding and gives improved surface finish.
  • • Improved Pumpability Line friction is reduced by increasing workability and cohesion.
  • • Chloride Free: Safe in reinforced concrete.


VARAPLAST SP 20 is supplied in 200 litre/250 kgs drums.
Cleaning: Spillages of VARAPLAST SP 20 can be removed with water.
Storage: VARAPLAST SP 20 should be protected from extremes of temperature. Should the material become frozen, it must be completely thawed and thoroughly mixed before use. VARAPLAST SP 20 has a minimum shelf life of 12 months provided temperature is kept within the range 5o C to 30o C.