VARAPLAST R is based on a lignosulphonate. Supplied as a brown liquid it is instantly dispersible in water. VARAPLAST R produces more cohesive workable concrete at constant water/cement ratio with slightly improved strength or can give higher strengths at the same workability or can give cement savings upto 15% at the same water/cement ratio, workability and strength.


VARAPLAST R can provide up to 15% reduction in free water without loss of workability, resulting in reduced permeability and early strength gain. Can also be used to give cement savings. VARAPLAST R gives extended workability which is useful when concrete is transported in ready mixed trucks and for avoiding cold joints.


  • Increase workability : Reduces placing time.
  • Extended Workability:Some set retardation gives longer working times which are useful for truck transport and for avoiding cold joints.
  • Improved strength: Water reduction gives higher strengths without cement increase or workability loss. loss.
  • Reduced Permeability: Reduction of water reduces porosity giving improved water impermeability
  • Surface Finish : Better dispersion of cement particles and Increased cohesion minimizes segregation and bleeding and gives Improved surface finish for flat work and cast surfaces.
  • Chloride Free : Safe in reinforced concrete.


VARAPLAST R is supplied in 250 kg drums and in bulk.
Storage: VARAPLAST R should be protected from extremes of temperature. Should the material become frozen, it must be completely thawed and thoroughly mixed before use. VARAPLAST R has a minimum shelf life of 12 months provided storage temperature is kept within the range of 5° C to 30° C.